Geoscan 201 instruction manual

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Geoscan 201 is an aerial photo complex which consists of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), launcher and ground control station.


The complex is designed for geolinked photography of objects and territories.

Field of application

Obtained data can be used for:

  • orthophoto creation with scale of 1:500 - 1:2000;
  • 3D terrain modeling;
  • altitude matrix generation;
  • volumetric calculations for quarries and fills;
  • infrastructural objects examine;
  • forest and fields inventory;
  • damage control and emergency response (floods, earthquakes, wildfires)
Technical specs
Parameter Value
UAV class winged
Airspeed 64 - 130 km/h
Max takeoff weight 8,5 kg
Max payload 1,5 kg
Photographed area 7 - 22 km²
Max wind speed 12 m/s
Wingspan 2,22 m
Min safe altitude 100 m
Max flight altitude 4000 m
Motor electric, brushless
Battery LiPo 18,5 V
Preparation time 10 min
Flight duration up to 180 min
Max flight distance 210 km
Takeoff mechanism catapult
Landing automatic parachute
Operating temperature range:  
default battery
from -20 to +40 °С
Arctic battery
from -40 to +20 °С


  • Geoscan 201 UAV

  • Ground control station

  • CRL modem

  • Modem stand

  • Battery charging station

  • Launcher in transporting bag

  • Transporting container for UAV

  • Transporting container for GCS

  • Folding rack for UAV assembly

  • Fuselage holder

  • Repair kit

  • Documentation

  • GNSS Topcon B111 *

  • Photo camera : *

    • Sony RX1;
    • Sony A6000;
    • Sony A6000 NIR.

* - depends on exact kit ordered


Examine the UAV for any damage after each flight.

In case of propeller blades or fin damage, you can easily replace them yourself, using spare parts form the repair kit.

In case of fuselage or any system damage it is necessary to contact Geoscan tech support

After every 80 flights it is recommended to send the UAV to the manufacturer for check and service.


Geoscan 201 is stored with battery apart in a transporting case. The launcher is to be stored in its own bag. The storage room should be dry with temperature from 5 to 25 °С and relative humidity no more then 80% with no condensate. Storage time - 2 years.

Battery should be stored in dry cool place with no direct sunlight at temperatures from 5 to 25 °С and relative humidity no more then 80% with no condensate. Optimal temperature from 5 nj 10 °С. Optimal storage charge level should be close to 19 V (see chapter Charger and Battery) Storage time - 1 year.